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CA Exemptee - HMDR & DME Providers Certification Course

New - iPad ready!

Since 2002, SkillsPlus International Inc. has offered an approved California Department of Public Health Home Medical Device Retailer (CDPH HMDR) training certification course. This course is an online self-study pre-recorded presentation with animation and text. Each presentation is followed by the final exam for that section of the class. This class makes it possible for you to study from your home or office. 

The course covers:

  • State and Federal laws relating to the distribution of dangerous drugs and dangerous devices
  • State and Federal laws relating to the distribution of controlled substances
  • Knowledge and understanding of quality control systems
  • The United States Pharmacopoeia standards relating to the safe storage and handling of drugs
  • The safe storage and handling of home medical devices
  • Prescription terminology, abbreviations, and format

HMDR Training Certification

Home Medical Device Retailers (HMDR) or Durable Medical Equipment (DME) wholesalers doing business in California or shipping drug products into California need this certification. State Approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Dual Certification
If you need CA HMDR Exemptee training certification, and CA Board of Pharmacy Designated Representative training certification, then take this course. Our course uniquely fulfills the training certification requirements for both. Complete this course, and you'll get an HMDR-specific  completion certificate, and a pharmacy-specific completion certificate. 

Key Benefits

  • Online learning, to fit your schedule, 365 x 24 x 7. This e-Learning course is internet-based.
  • No need to schedule this, start when you're ready!
  • Take the course on a computer, tablet, or iPad
  • Avoid travel-related expenses with our web-based course.
  • Take a detour from boredom. Our interactive course diminishes the "tough" stretches of serious course content.
  • "Dual" certification

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  • Cost: $525 per student
  • To register for the course, simply follow the "Enroll Now" link (located on the left navigation panel).

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For additional information, contact Allan Dewes: 415-948-5220 or skillsplus@aol.com

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